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How It All Began...



Morgan's love of coffee began by watching thee quality time between friends portrayed by Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, ChandLer & Monica at Central Perk. 


In 2014, while on a mission trip to Ecuador, Morgan began to really appreciate the difference in culture and how much community was formed over a cup of coffee.  Then, while visiting Spain, the days were filled with amazing sites, villas and cobblestone streets leading to a bakery by the sea. Daily paninis and cafe con leche at the bakery became the backdrop for an even greater appreciation for the art of coffee and the quality time it created.  


Returning to the states, Morgan turned her attention to working in the coffee industry. Finding a position at a small coffee shop, she began to understand not only the preparation, but also the craft involved with each drink. Soon after, Morgan worked her way into Starbucks. Challenging herself first as a barista and then as a Barista trainer, she earned her way to a position as shift supervisor.  Morgan took full advantage of the training and earned the title of coffee master.  She was also three times awarded Partner of the quarter as well as Barista Champion. 


Manny has been a part of this dream from the very beginning and plays a crucial role in making it all possible. He works as a bartender and has been in a fast paced restaurant environment for over 5 years.  His skills & devotion to Rooftop Coffee Shop help it run smoothly and are essential to its success.


 Morgan and Manny are excited to share their love and knowledge of coffee with you!

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