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Environmental  Impact 


Throughout the entire process of launching Rooftop Coffee Shop, we have strived to make as small of an impact on the environment as we can. The camper itself is a 1967 Serro Scotty camper that is on its 5th repurpose and has been built to be stronger and better every time. The materials used to renovate it into what it is today were recycled from other projects and recycled items. There is actually an old ping pong table and volleyball pole behind some of the paint. The beautiful oak that you see throughout the camper was used from a stock of wood that was harvested from trees that died naturally and fell on our family’s property in Ohio over the years that we had milled.

All of the materials used to serve the coffee have been thoroughly researched and we have done our very best to bring you an

environmentally friendly experience while also just enjoying a nice cup of coffee. After each event, we recycle all of the plastic waste we have created through milk jugs and make an effort to responsibly dispose of the coffee grounds we acquire. We are working towards being powered exclusively by solar energy in the years to come and will continue to strive to leave as small of a footprint as we can throughout the process of operating our business. 

Todd and Morgan sorting wood for the serving window.
Old family ping pong table serves as part of the camper wall structure.
Family volleyball pole serves as a metal wall support.
Volley Ball Pole


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